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  • Our cows are grazed on certified organic* pasture 
  • We give our cows no-corn, no-soy, no-GMO grain during milking to help the cows "focus"
  • Our cows also get local no-spray, no-GMO alfalfa and hay from our farm as supplement

Raw Cow's Milk Cheese

Our Cheese!


A raw, aged, Alpine style cheese. Hand-made in small batches from our own grass-fed Jersey cows' milk. The delicate, nutty, and not overly piquant flavor will compliment any dish. 

Dutchman's Peak

Our Dutchman's Peak is our original raw, aged, Tomme style cheese.  The luscious creamy milk lends itself to be a silky textured cheese. We release this cheese at various ages, made at various times of the year, allowing you to taste the grass through the seasons. 

Use this Tomme on crackers or with a baguette. It is great melted, on sandwiches, or paired with ale and white wine, fruit, preserves, mustards and meats. This one is a favorite on any cheese plate. 

Fromage Blanc

This fermented pasturized fresh cheese originated in Northern France and Southern Belgium. Our Fromage Blanc reflects the pure beauty of our Certified Organic Pastures. Many of the herbs and other ingredients are grown on our farm or grown locally in the Rogue Valey. Use as a dip for vegetables or a spread for bagles or toast. It's versatile enough to be used as a pasta sauce, on burgers or fish. Also makes a great cheesecake!


This brined white cheese originating from Greece is traditionally made from sheep or goat milk.

We have Jersey cows. 

We do not skim the milk when we make this cheese which results in a creamy texture and rich flavor. Use liberally in salads, on pizza or traditionally in spanikopita. Stored in a salty brine, this cheese will keep for weeks on end. 

Buncom In Bloom

We named this version of the french classic after Oregon's last standing Ghost town, Buncom, which happens to be just down the road from the farm. We like to describe this one as a delicate pillow of cheese swimming in liquid gold. Served at room temp or warmed, this cheese will haunt you. 

Little Antelope

Another Alpine style cheese made from our own raw cows milk. Sweet and nutty this delicious cheese disagrees with no-one. Named after what some people used to call the Little Applegate river, which runs thru the farm.  

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